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    Wormwood cut 1oz (Artemisia absinthium)

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    Wormwood Cut 1oz (Artemisia absinthium)

    Unearth the secrets of Wormwood, a botanical marvel known as Artemisia absinthium, encapsulated in our 1oz offering. This potent herb carries a rich history and a spectrum of magical and practical uses.

    • Folk Names: Absinthe, Old Woman, Crown for a King, Madderwort, Wormot
    • Gender: Masculine
    • Planet: Mars
    • Element: Fire
    • Deities: Iris, Diana, Artemis
    • Powers: Psychic Powers, Protection Love, Calling Spirits

    Botanical Mystique: Artemisia absinthium

    Known by folk names such as Absinthe, Old Woman, and Crown for a King, Wormwood transcends mere greenery. Associated with Mars and the element of fire, this masculine herb is entwined with the energies of deities Iris, Diana, and Artemis. Wormwood is not just a plant; it is a gateway to realms of psychic powers, protection, love, and spirit communication.

    Wormwood dances between realms, a guardian against bewitchment and sea serpent bites. It echoes ancient traditions as a countermeasure against poisoning. Hung from a rear-view mirror, it whispers protection on treacherous roads. In matters of the heart, Wormwood, once part of the infamous absinthe, is still a love elixir. Place it under the bed, and let love draw near. A dance with sandalwood summons spirits, while graveyard burnings echo the mystic arts of old grimoires. Feel the energy rise, connecting with the spirits of the departed.

    Beyond Magic: Herbal Wellness

    Wormwood transcends its mystical persona to offer herbal wellness. Promoting intestinal cleansing and serving as a bitter digestive tonic, this botanical gem is an ally for digestive health. Embrace the bitterness – it's the key to jump-starting a healthy digestive journey.