Tarot V Cards

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Tarot V Cards by Alejandro Colucci (London)

Tarot V, by Lo Scarabeo

Alejandro Colucci is an Italian-Uruguayan artist who works in both digital and traditional mediums. His work has appeared on bestselling books by some of the world's most popular authors, including Anne Rice, Isaac Asimov, Ursula Le Guin, William Gibson, and many more.

Vampires evoke a world of primal essences, where the boundary between humans and monsters is blurred beyond recognition.

This deck features intense, moody art, setting the stage for the deep work of soul exploration with a backdrop of the struggle between good and evil. These cards remind us that within every human there are monsters, but inside every monster there is humanity.

Boxed deck (3¼ x 5) includes a 78-card deck and instructional booklet