Steampunk Dragon

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Technology these days is getting more and more lifelike as inventors try harder and harder to bring sentience to their steam-powered creations. Just take the Golden Steampunk Dragon as an example. You can hardly tell that it is an automaton! This hand-painted resin figurine depicts a robotic dragon crafted to look as lifelike as possible. Its gold-tinted wings, constructed from plates of steel, are open wide behind it, and beneath its metallic scales run silver cables. The mechanized beast sits atop a pile of gears and large rivets, its golden eyes shimmering with life. The Golden Steampunk Dragon makes a fantastic piece of home decor and is sure to bring a bit of fantasy to your science-fiction world.

  • Crafted in lifelike detail
  • Hand-painted to resemble gold
  • Makes a fantastic piece of steampunk or fantasy home decor
  • Made from cold cast resin
  • Approx Dims: 6 3/8" x 6 1/8" x 6 3/8"