Steampunk Aviator Flying Piggy

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In the world of Steampunk, pigs really can fly. Fully dressed in a retro flight suit, geared up and ready to take flight in his dirigible, this aeronaut is a fantastical blending of animal and machine with his well crafted high-flying jet pack on his back and mechanical wings to steer him as he flies over the post-apocalyptic, future-past world below.

This flying piggy statue is incredibly detailed in cold cast bronze hand-painted with red and gold coloring that allows all the detail to be seen, even at first glance. This 5.5 inch high, 3.25 inch long, 3.5-inch wide aeronaut pig statue is perfect for those who really love getting into the world of steampunk and great as a gift sure to make any steampunk enthusiast squeal with delight!