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  • Small Hematite Gemstone Pyramid

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    Small Hematite Gemstone Pyramid

    A stunning addition to any crystal collection, Hematite is a beautiful metallic grey mineral that is known for its grounding and protective properties.

    These pyramids are carefully crafted from high-quality Hematite gemstone and measure approximately 1 inch in base width. Its unique pyramid shape is thought to amplify the healing energy of the Hematite crystal, making it an excellent tool for meditation, manifestation, and energy work.

    Hematite is believed to help with anxiety, stress, and other negative emotions by promoting a sense of calmness and stability. It is also said to enhance focus, concentration, and mental clarity.

    Please note that each pyramid is hand-made, so the exact dimensions and patterns may vary slightly from the picture shown. However, we can assure you that the quality of each piece is exceptional.

    Whether you are a crystal enthusiast or just starting your journey, our Small Hematite Gemstone Pyramid is a beautiful and meaningful addition to any collection.