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  • Seven Chakra Orgone Pendulum with Chain

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    Seven Chakra Orgone Pendulum with Chain

    These beautiful pendulums are formed from 7 types of genuine natural chakra crystals plus copper shavings suspended in a clear resin. Each pendulum boasts a distinctive character as no two are alike. Their lengths range from approximately 35mm to 45mm, accompanied by an elegant 6-inch silver-colored chain featuring a delicately secured bead.

    Unlock Your Inner Dowsing Expertise

    Dowsing, a skill accessible to all, invites you to embark on a captivating journey. As you delve into the art of dowsing, discover the meanings behind your pendulum's movements.

    • YES/POSITIVE: A clockwise or counterclockwise circular motion.
    • NO/NEGATIVE: A back-and-forth swing.
    • MAYBE/NEUTRAL: A 45-degree angle oscillation.

    Your unique responses await your exploration, setting the stage for profound insights and personal growth.

    Harness the Power of Pendulum Divination

    Embrace the power of divination with your Chakra Crystal Pendulum. Ask questions, receive answers, and tap into your subconscious.

    • Create Customized Charts: Design your own charts or explore a variety of free options online.
    • Practice for Accuracy: Start with questions you know the answers to and gradually move to the unknown.
    • Unearth Hidden Truths: Connect with your unconscious mind to reveal forgotten or undiscovered information.

    Make the pendulum your ally in unlocking the mysteries of life, whether it's predicting the future, finding lost items, or making life-changing decisions.

    The Pendulum: A Gateway to Your Unconscious

    Discover the intriguing science behind pendulum dowsing. Tiny muscles in your fingertips respond to your unconscious thoughts, initiating pendulum movements that reveal hidden truths and forgotten memories.

    • A Tool of Ancient Wisdom: Linked to historical figures like Solomon, Cleopatra, and Sheba, the pendulum has a rich history of unlocking the secrets of the mind.
    • A Path to Personal Growth: Used by psychologists, hypnotists, and individuals, the pendulum fosters communication with the subconscious to uncover hidden potential and wisdom.
    • Accessible and Adaptable: Pendulums come in various sizes and price ranges, making them accessible to all seekers of knowledge and self-discovery.

    Embrace the Positive Energies

    In contrast to other divination tools, the pendulum is associated with tapping into benevolent forces. It brings health, prosperity, and a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you.

    The Pendulum: Your Key to Hidden Wisdom, Your Guide to a Brighter Future.