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  • Sea Salt coarse 1oz

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    Unleash the Elemental Power of Sea Salt Coarse (1 oz)

    Embrace the invigorating energy of the ocean with Sea Salt Coarse!

    Experience the versatility of Sea Salt Coarse:

    • Bath Rituals: Add a touch of the sea to your bath for a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.
    • Cleansing & Purification: In folklore, sea salt is believed to cleanse and purify negative energy.
    • Crafts & Spellwork: Incorporate Sea Salt Coarse into your creative practices for an elemental touch.

    This Sea Salt Coarse offers:

    • Pure Ocean Delight: Sourced directly from the ocean, this coarse sea salt retains its natural minerals and invigorating essence.
    • Convenient Size: The 1 oz package is perfect for a variety of uses.

    Traditional Lore:

    • Folk Names: Sea Salts from various regions may have specific names but "Sea Salt" is a widely recognized term.
    • Gender: In some cultures, sea salt is associated with the feminine due to its connection to the ocean.
    • Planet: The moon, due to its influence on the tides.
    • Element: Water, the element of the ocean.
    • Powers: Cleansing, purification, protection (according to folklore).

    Embrace the power of the ocean with Sea Salt Coarse!