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  • Sandalwood chips red 1oz (Pterocarpus santalinus)

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    Red Sandalwood Chips 1oz (Pterocarpus santalinus): Treasured Wood for Fragrance & Rituals

    Experience the Allure of Red Sandalwood: Derived from the Pterocarpus santalinus tree, Red Sandalwood is a precious wood coveted for its fragrance and mystical properties.

    Folklore & Symbolism:

    • Folk Names: Rakta Chandana, Saunderswood, Red Sanders
    • Gender: Masculine, associated with strength and stability.
    • Planet: Mars, due to its fiery red color and connection to protection.
    • Deities: Associated with deities of love, protection, and healing, such as Venus (Roman) and Lakshmi (Hindu).
    • Element: Fire, for its cleansing properties and vibrant color.
    • Powers: Love, protection, healing, spirituality, cleansing.

    Traditional Uses:

    • Sacred Fragrance: Red Sandalwood essential oil is prized for its calming and grounding aroma, used in incense and meditation practices.
    • Ayurvedic Medicine: Holds significance in Ayurvedic practices for its potential skin benefits [mention studies if available for credibility].
    • Cosmetic Applications: Used in traditional beauty rituals for its purported beautifying properties.

    Modern Applications:

    • Spiritual Tool: Employed in rituals for love, protection, healing, and spiritual purification.
    • Potpourri Delight: Adds a beautiful red hue and a touch of fragrance to potpourri blends.

    Quality & Convenience:

    • Red Sandalwood Chips: Our 1oz package provides beautiful red chips for incense, rituals, or potpourri.
    • Aromatic Experience: Enjoy the warm, slightly sweet scent of Red Sandalwood.
    • Long-lasting Quality: Store in a cool, dark place in a sealed container to preserve its fragrance and potency.

    Unleash the magic of Red Sandalwood. Add it to your collection today!