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  • Reversible Sage 4" - Love

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    Reversible Sage 4" - Love

    The Reversible Sage 4" is a unique smudging process for cleansing and energizing your space. This dual-colored sage bundle is red on one side and black on the other. Burn the black side first to get rid of negative energy, and then continue to burn through the red side to bring love.

    Set your intention: Before you begin, set your intention for the smudging. Are you cleansing your space of negative energy and inviting love?

    Light the sage bundle: Hold the sage bundle at an angle and light the tip of the black end with a match or lighter. Let the sage burn for a few seconds until it starts to smoke.

    Gently blow on the embers: This will help to create more smoke. If you are using a feather, you can fan the smoke with it.

    Smudge your space: Walk around your space, waving the sage bundle in front of you. When smudging with the black end focus in on the areas where you feel there is negative energy.

    As the black side of the bundle comes to an end continue burning through the red side to bring in love.

    Burn safely on a fireproof tray.