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  • Reiki Stones© engraved African Opal Necklace Reiki Symbol -Talisman of Universal life force Energy

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    Rei represents- Universal, Spirit, mystery, and gift.
    And Ki represents Energy, life force, talent, and feeling.
    These two parts combined form the Kanji meaning universal life force energy.

    African Opal Reiki Symbol Necklace: Channeling Universal Life Force Energy

    Embrace the Essence: Rei and Ki

    Delve into the profound with our Reiki Stones© Engraved African Opal Necklace, a fusion of ancient wisdom and natural beauty. Rei symbolizes the universal, spirit, mystery, and gift, while Ki embodies energy, life force, talent, and feeling. Together, they weave the essence of universal life force energy in the form of a captivating Kanji symbol.

    A True Worry Stone

    The semi-precious African Opal, fondly referred to as the "true worry stone," gently dissipates fear, anxiety, and tension. In its presence, impatience finds solace, stress ebbs away, and depression is soothed. This magnificent stone bestows courage and inner strength, nurturing self-reliance. As you wear it, let your mind find tranquility, making it an ideal companion for meditation. African Opal nurtures intuition, enriches psychic perceptions, and serves as a conduit for past-life insights.

    Golden Engraved Elegance

    Adorn yourself with elegance – our pendant is meticulously engraved and adorned with 24kt gold leaf accents. Its dimensions, approximately 1 inch by 2.25 inches, make for a striking presence. Note that shapes may vary based on stock availability. The hues are a harmonious blend of beautiful blues and sandstone, evoking a sense of serene connection.

    Customizable Comfort

    Designed for your comfort, this pendant gracefully hangs from a silver tone bail and a 16-inch cotton cord, adjustable up to 18 inches with an extension chain. Should your preference lean towards a black rubber cord or a silver-tone chain of your chosen length, simply mention it in your order notes. For those seeking sterling silver chains, explore this product link for a variety of sizes and options.

    Empowerment through Symbolism

    Experience the profound impact of symbolism as our pendant embeds Reiki Kanji deep within the crystals. This union of metaphysical gemstone properties and the potent Reiki symbol offers a harmonious balance and elevated vibration, fostering healing for our world and its inhabitants. Symbols transcend language barriers, reaching across cultures and generations.

    A Unique Connection

    Each piece, crafted by a REAL Reiki Master, carries its distinct size, coloring, and weight. Authentic in their variation, these genuine crystals and semi-precious gemstones hold the power to transform. If you seek specific insights or have inquiries, feel free to reach out. Your curiosity drives us to find the perfect piece for you.

    Created and blessed by a REAL Reiki Master.

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