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Purification Incense Powder 20 gr Jar

Purification Incense Powder 20 gr Jar

  • $ 4.99

Purification Incense Powder 20 gr Jar

An ancient blend of purifying oil of sage, olibanum and frankincense, perfect for cleansing and space clearing.Incense Powders

Incense in its traditional form, the perfect way to great an intense aroma, very quickly. This selection of incense powders is beautifully packaged in a convenient to use glass jars. Each jar of incense powder contains approximately 20 grams of incense. These incense powder can be used with or without charcoal, making them very easy and convenient to use.

What's the incense made from?

These incense powder are made the traditional way from scratch. All the incenses contain the following base ingredients:

  • Coconut shell charcoal
  • Cedarwood powder
  • Frankincense powder
  • Honey
  • Each incense has its own unique blend of aromatic and essential oils to achieve the final desired effect.

Dragons Blood - Enhanced with dragons blood oil and finely ground resin to exude a rich resinous sweetness.

Frankincense - Traditional ground frankincense used in almost every faith for thousands of years, just easier to use.

Healing Lavender - Soothing lavender oil is added to the incense base to create an instantly calming atmosphere.

Love & Attraction - A delicate blend of jasmine, rose and wildflowers, the perfect aphrodisiac.

Myrrh - Real myrrh resinoid is blended into the base with honey to give this ancient bitter aroma a smoother finish. Meditation - A blend of henna, sandalwood and night queen combined with frankincense, the perfect setting for meditation.

Patchouli - Made with patchouli essential oil, the aroma that defined the 60's.

Prosperity - An aromatic blend of tuberose, ylang-ylang and honey, sure to please Laxmi, the goddess of wealth.

Protection - This incense is infused with protective dragons blood oil and benzoin resin, blended with honey.

Purification - Ancient blend of purifying oil of sage, olibanum and frankincense, perfect for cleansing and space clearing.

Sandalwood - The classic aroma of traditional Indian sandalwood, perfect for purifying and meditation.

White Sage - The shaman's favorite. The rich, cleansing aroma of real white sage essential oil blended with honey. Customers can make their own blends by mixing 2 or more different powders.

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