Psychic Development Beyond Beginners By: Melanie Barnum

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Psychic Development Beyond Beginners Develop a Deeper Understanding of Your Intuition  By: Melanie Barnum

Improve Your Innate Gifts and Your Confidence with this Next-Step Book for Your Psychic Journey

Now is the perfect time to go beyond your beginnings and unleash your full intuitive power. This practical, intermediate book on psychic development features illuminating stories from author Melanie Barnum's client sessions, engaging exercises to deepen your connection to your metaphysical self, and detailed interpretations for the psychic signs and symbols you encounter.

Providing many enlightening examples and techniques, this accessible guide gives you a fresh perspective on psychic development and allows you to explore the vast possibilities of being intuitive—from mediumship to past life experiences to astral travel. You'll learn to release the hold your physical mind has put on your spiritual self, allowing your gifts to truly blossom.

Trade Paperback | English | 264 pages | 5 x 8 x 1 IN