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    Shungite Gemstone Pyramid 

    Shungite Pyramids are known for their grounding properties and is ideal for individuals who practice meditation, yoga, mindfulness, and Ayurveda. Pyramid-shaped stones would make an excellent addition to any crystal collection, as a home decor piece, or give a meaningful gift to someone special. It keeps us grounded and protected and reduces stress by transmuting negative emotions into positive energy.

    • Keywords: Purification, protection
    • Chakras: All
    • Element: Earth
    • Zodiac Signs: Scorpio, Capricorn, Cancer
    • Number: 4

    Shungite History and Uses:

    Shungite gets its name from the village called Shun’ga, in the Karelia area of Russia, the only place where it is found. Shungite is a rare, carbon-based, noncrystalline rock that looks similar to coal, it has the ability to conduct electromagnetic and geothermal energy. Shungite contains fullerenes, carbon-based molecules that are a natural antioxidant and it can absorb and shield the body from electromagnetic radiation. It was traditionally used in Shun’ga to protect and purify the body by placing the stones in drinking water.  It needs to be cleansed and recharged regularly in order for it to do its work.

    Shungite Geological Description:
    Shungite is a Precambrian carbonaceous rock estimated to be 2 billion years old. It is found only in the Karelia, Lake Onega region of Russia. Noble Shungite can contain 94% carbon, silicates and almost all the elements of the periodic table.

    Affirmation: I respect the sacredness of my body