Pinolith Tumbled Gemstone

Pinolith Metaphysical Properties

Pinolith is believed to be a gemstone of optimism and balance, providing a soothing, calming effect, improving self-esteem while establishing equilibrium between emotions and intellect.

Pinolite, also known as Pinolith, Pinolithstein, or Märbelstein, is an extremely rare stone consisting of Howlite, Dolomite and Graphite. It forms when Howlite (Magnesite) nodules settle in layers of Graphite and Dolomite before becoming encased and frozen in time. This mineral has a very unique chemical makeup and was first discovered in 1873 in the Lower Tauern mountain range in Austria. However it was until 2018 that there was only one known locality where Pinolite was found (Austria) but that is not the case anymore.