Norse God Figurine

Check out these Norse God and Goddess Bronze Statues! Each hand-painted figure stands on a rectangular platform depicting a different Norse deity: Freya, Skadi, Frigga, Thor, Heimdall, Odin, Tyr, Vidar, Baldur, Freyr, Loki, and a Valkyrie on horseback.

The platform has a small plaque that names the god or goddess pictured. All the statues have a bronze color with colorful accents. You can add these Norse gods and goddesses statues to any Norse collection or home decor.

  • Price is for one (1) of the twelve statues chosen at random
  • Inspired by Norse mythology
  • Each figure is labeled with their name
  • Richly colored and detailed
  • Great decor piece or collectible
  • Made from polystone
  • Measures Approx: 1.4" L x 1.4" W x 3.5 H

Measurements are approximate.