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  • Rose Quartz is the gemstone that resonates the most with love; in all its forms. When you work with rose quartz you are connected to all forms of love that exist within the Universe. These dice are awesome.

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  • Muscovite Tumbled Gemstone

    Muscovite Tumbled Gemstone

    Sparkling Clarity and Inner Insight

    Immerse yourself in the illuminating energy of the Muscovite Tumbled Gemstone, a captivating crystal that enhances your intuition and amplifies your inner wisdom.

    Let the shimmering beauty of this tumbled gemstone mesmerize you as it unveils its hidden secrets. Muscovite is renowned for its reflective properties, allowing you to gain clarity and insight into your own thoughts and emotions. As you hold this polished gem in your hand, feel a wave of tranquility wash over you, creating space for deeper self-reflection and intuitive guidance.

    Empowerment and Protection

    Harness the empowering energies of the Muscovite Tumbled Gemstone, a powerful ally that offers protection and promotes self-confidence.

    Muscovite is not only a source of inner wisdom but also a shield against negativity. Its energy acts as a protective barrier, keeping you grounded and shielding your aura from external influences. With the Muscovite Tumbled Gemstone by your side, you can confidently navigate through life's challenges and stay true to your authentic self.