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  • Mojo Wish Bean 1oz 1618 gold (Vicia faba)

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    Cultivate Luck and Manifestation with Mojo Wish Beans (Vicia faba) - 1oz

    Mojo Wish Beans, also known as African Wishing Beans, is a cherished charm steeped in tradition and believed to hold the power of manifesting desires.

    Embrace the legend of Mojo Wish Beans:

    • Carry for Luck and Manifestation: Traditionally, Mojo Wish Beans are carried for good fortune and to symbolize the potential for wishes to come true.

    This 1 oz bag of Mojo Wish Beans (Vicia faba) offers:

    • Unique Charm: These beautiful beans add a touch of magic to your altar, workspace, or carried with you in a pouch.
    • Connection to Tradition: Mojo Wish Beans hold a special place in various cultures and folklore.

    Traditional Lore:

    Across cultures, Mojo Wish Beans have been used for centuries as symbols of luck and manifestation. Here's a glimpse into their traditional significance:

    • Folk Names: African Wishing Beans,
    • Gender: Varies by tradition (sometimes masculine, sometimes feminine) 
    • Planet: Venus, Jupiter, or Saturn
    • Element: Earth, Water, or Air) [invalid URL removed]
    • Powers: Luck, Manifestation, Wish Fulfillment

    Please note: Mojo Wish Beans are not for consumption. Store them in a cool, dry place.

    Embrace the legend and ignite the spark of manifestation with Mojo Wish Beans!