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  • Metatron Invoking the Angel of God's Presence By Rose Vanden Eynden

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    Metatron - Invoking the Angel of God's Presence

    The Ultimate Guide to Metatron
    The Most Powerful Angel in the Universe

    Chances are you've heard of angels such as Raphael and Gabriel, but have you ever heard of Metatron? He's one of the most prominent angelic figures of the mystical Kabbalah. In the famed book The Kabbalah Unveiled, MacGregor Mathers writes that Metatron " said to have been the conductor of the children of Israel through the wilderness, of whom God says, ‘My Name is in him.'" He is said to be sitting closest to God and has even been called "the lesser God." He governs the Tree of Life, orders other angels, wrestled with Jacob, prevented Abraham from sacrificing his son, and much more.

    Most books on angels give him a short mention at best. Metatron, by famed author and spiritualist Rose Vanden Eynden, is the first book to give total focus to this mighty being. It is the first in-depth guide to developing a personal relationship with the "compassionate archangel."

    When you compare Metatron to other books on angels, you'll see that this one is really different. Rather than merely talking about angels and their powers, this book gives numerous practical tools to contact and work with this angel. By working with the angel you'll learn how to:

    • Balance material and spiritual pursuits to find direction in your life
    • Access the Akashic Records to balance karma in your life
    • Find answers and understanding to the issues that trouble you
    • Understand your purpose in this incarnation
    • Balance masculine and feminine energies for peace in your life
    • Promote better and more fulfilling relationships

    Perhaps in the past you've tried to achieve these goals and only partially succeeded or not succeeded at all. With the help of Metatron, you can realize your goals.

    But I'm Just a Person and He's an Angel...
    Metatron is personable, loving, and interested in benefiting humanity in any way possible. That includes helping you. According to the author, "Metatron is available to work with anyone on any type of issue or problem. Nothing is too big or too small to escape his scope of practice. The only requirement is your sincere desire to better yourself and to bring love and blessing to those whose lives you touch." If this sounds great—it is! So how can you get started? You'll find lots of techniques you can do in Vanden Eynden's Metatron.

    Metatron is not so distant that you would be required to do all sorts of involved and complicated rituals to contact him. The techniques are surprisingly easy and fully explained in this book. To begin, you'll discover numerous meditations for working with Metatron, including:

    Pillar of Light Meditation: to experience his love and for intense healing
    Healing Waters Meditation: for changing thinking and to know you deserve love
    Guarding Gaia Meditation: to help Metatron in caring for the Earth
    Violet Wind Meditation: to become closer to God
    Akashic Records Meditation: learn from your past to improve your future

    You'll also learn how to work with the Cube of Metatron, numerology, crystals, herbs, candles, jewelry, dreamwork, ceremonies, and much more.

    If Only We Could Know Metatron's Wishes...
    The last section of this book consists of the channeled words of Metatron himself. You'll feel a sense of familiarity, compassion, joy, and contentment as you read his words of wisdom on topics such as the nature of angels, the purpose of angels working with humans, the need for peace, the value of laughter, the nature of evil, the importance of the number eleven, and even the nature of God the Creator. And that's just the beginning of what Metatron has to share with you.

    If you are interested in angels or the Kabbalah, or just need some help to achieve your goals and find peace in your life, this book is a must. Never before have so many practical and usable techniques for contacting an angel been placed in one easy-to-use book. You know that the time is right for a change.

    Trade Paperback |  English | 240 pages | 5 x 8 x 1 IN