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Double Recycled Glass Bowls on Tree Root Base

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Handcrafted by artisans in Bali, this double-glass-bowl tree root piece makes a stunning statement. Use as a planter or terrarium, or place decorative fill inside. The gorgeous accent includes two bowls and can be placed on a table, shelf, mantel, or desk.

Local artists used blow-pipes to transform melted shards of collected scrap glass into a one-of-a-kind bowls that fit snugly into the teak or gamal root base. As a result of their handmade nature, each bowl's shape and size is unique.

The area that our glass blown planter on driftwood comes from is in East Java and North of Bali in Singaraja. There are many teak plantations there. However it is forbidden by the government to cut any of the trees unless they are very mature.

So most of the carvings are done by using the roots of the teak and gamal trees. There are a few factories (still home based cottage industries) in Gianyar district of Bali where the glass blowing is done. It started about 8 years ago on a very small scale by some tourists who were visiting the island. He taught the locals how to do it and this is how this business started. Broken glass from various areas are collected, especially the building projects, glass bottles and other scraps. All are melted and then blown by mouth into the shapes needed for either vases or to fit the roots and make the beautiful planter bowls.

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