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    Moon Phase Engraved Black Soapstone Obelisk

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    Unveiling the Mysteries: Moon Phase Black Soapstone Obelisk for Self-Discovery & Lunar Connection

    Embrace the rhythm of the cosmos. This captivating Moon Phase Engraved Black Soapstone Obelisk is a powerful tool for connecting with lunar cycles, fostering self-discovery, and enhancing intuition. The sleek black soapstone etched with the phases of the moon adds a touch of celestial elegance to your sacred space.

    Unveiling the Power of the Moon:

    • Moon Phase Engravings: Deepen your connection with the lunar cycle through the beautifully engraved moon phases adorning the obelisk.
    • Intuition & Self-Discovery: Black soapstone, known for its grounding properties, creates a space for introspection and fosters a deeper connection to your inner wisdom.
    • Amplified Energy: The obelisk shape is believed to direct and amplify energy, allowing you to harness the power of the moon phases for your intentions.
    • Elegant & Earthy: Black soapstone's natural beauty adds a touch of sophistication and grounding energy to your home décor.

    A Versatile Tool for Spiritual Practices:

    • Meditation & Rituals: Integrate the Moon Phase Obelisk into your meditation practice or use it as a focal point for moon phase rituals.
    • Altar Addition: This beautiful obelisk makes a powerful addition to your altar, honoring the lunar cycle and its influence.
    • Crystal Grid Placement: Use the obelisk as a base or central point for your crystal grids, amplifying the energy of your chosen crystals.

    Embrace the Mystery Within:

    • A Unique Gift: The Moon Phase Obelisk is a thoughtful and unique gift for anyone interested in astrology, moon magic, or self-discovery practices.


    • Please note: Due to the natural variations in soapstone, size may vary slightly.

    Unite with the wisdom of the moon. This Moon Phase Engraved Black Soapstone Obelisk is your guide on a path of self-discovery, lunar connection, and amplified intuition.

    Order yours today!