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  • Jezebel Root pieces 1oz (Picea)

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    Jezebel Root 1oz: Attract Abundance & Unleash Inner Power

    A captivating herb revered in Pagan and Hoodoo traditions, Jezebel Root (folk names vary) offers a potent blend of magical properties.

    Folklore & Symbolism:

    • Folk Names: Devil's Shoestring, Lucky John, Adam and Eve Root
    • Gender: Often associated with the feminine due to its connection with empowerment and attraction.
    • Planet: Linked to Venus, the planet of love, passion, and prosperity.
    • Deities: In some traditions, associated with goddesses of love, wealth, and fiery energy.
    • Element: Fire, reflecting its stimulating and dynamic properties.
    • Powers: Wealth attraction, increased sales, customer attraction, love spells, empowerment.

    Magical Applications:

    • Abundance Ally: Employed in rituals for attracting money, increasing sales and customer flow, and promoting overall prosperity.

    Quality & Convenience:

    • Root Form: Our 1oz package provides whole Jezebel Root for crafting talismans, mojo bags, or adding to prosperity spells.
    • Earthy Scent: Enjoy the subtle, earthy aroma of Jezebel Root.
    • Long-lasting Potency: Store in a cool, dark place in a sealed container to preserve its quality.

    Disclaimer: Information on folklore and symbolism is for informational purposes only and should not be seen as a substitute for professional guidance.

    Welcome the power of Jezebel Root into your practice. Order yours today!