Gemini Zodiac Dressed Horoscope Candle

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Gemini Zodiac Dressed Horoscope Candle

May 22 - June 21

We think Gemini's get a bad rap.. so we gave our Gemini gems a couple of cute mushrooms under the moon. Candle is dressed with crystals and herbs to compliment the Air Element of Gemini. Dressed with Pyrite, Rose, Baby's Breath, and Clary Sage Essential Oil.

Light any time of the year to harness and embrace the energy of Gemini:
♊︎ Intellect
♊︎ Learn Something New
♊︎ Stay Connected
♊︎ Get Motivated

Grab a candle for your Sun Sign, Moon Sign, and Rising Sign! Zodiac Candles make a wonderful gift too for the lovely Gemini in your life.

** Light candle under complete supervision away from anything flammable. Keep out of reach of children.**