Fulgurite Specimen - Fossilized Lightning!

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Fulgurite Specimen - Fossilized Lightning Fused Sand!

Fulgurite is a high-energy stone. It is also a purifying tool that is believed to awaken your sense of a higher purpose. Fulgurite comes with many different metaphysical, physical, and spiritual uses that are best detected when stored in the surrounding of a person in order to let its vibrations work and clear the aura.

It is worth mentioning that this stone doesn’t the only form in the sand. As a matter of fact, it also forms in rocks that are rich in silica. The majority of rock fulgurites are difficult to find and very small. Lightning can’t travel that much into the rock and often it will only leave some scorch marks and not a tube or hole.

Lechatelierite is the fulgurite’s official name. It is the glass that is formed when there are intense heat and pressure. One good example is tektite – it’s made when meteorites strike sand.

In general, Fulgurites are just a few centimeters in length. Though, it’s possible to find bigger pieces of this stone under the correct conditions. In fact, there are reports that some Fulgurites are several meters long. However, it is hard to keep such stones as Fulgurites that comes with this stone is fragile.

Nevertheless, you can find Fulgurite in the Gobi Desert, Sahara Desert, as well as many different deserts scattered all over the world.