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    Frosted Pure Quartz Singing Bowls - Chakra Colored and Tuned

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    Frosted Quartz Singing Bowls: Chakra Tuned for Deep Healing (Indv. or Set)

    Awaken Your Chakras with Pure Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls

    Experience profound sound healing with our Frosted Pure Quartz Singing Bowls, meticulously tuned to resonate with each chakra's frequency. Crafted from 99.99% pure quartz, these bowls produce clear, long-lasting tones that vibrate deeply, promoting balance and well-being.

    Individual Bowls or Complete Chakra Set:

    • Individually Tuned: Each bowl resonates with a specific chakra (Crown, Third-Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral, Root) for targeted healing.
    • Complete Set: Harmonize all your chakras with our beautiful 7-piece Chakra Singing Bowl Set.

    Benefits of Each Chakra Bowl:

    • Crown: Deepen meditation and connection to your higher self. (Violet, B Note)
    • Third-Eye: Enhance intuition and psychic abilities. (Indigo, A Note)
    • Throat: Improve communication and self-expression. (Blue, G Note)
    • Heart: Promote love, compassion, and forgiveness. (Green, F Note)
    • Solar Plexus: Boost confidence, creativity, and personal power. (Yellow, E Note)
    • Sacral: Balance your emotions and self-worth. (Orange, D Note)
    • Root: Ground yourself and feel a sense of security and stability. (Red, C Note)

    Each Bowl Includes:

    • O-ring for stability
    • 1 Suede Mallet for playing

    Perfect for Sound Healing Professionals & Personal Use:

    These versatile bowls are ideal for sound therapists, massage practitioners, yoga instructors, and anyone seeking deep relaxation and chakra balancing.

    Embrace the power of crystal sound healing. Order your Frosted Quartz Singing Bowl today!