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    Which Angel Do You Need?

    Angels are spiritual beings of light. The word angel comes from the Greek word Angelos, which means "winged messenger." This is because one of their main functions is to carry messages between humanity and the Divine, or as the old expression goes, "from your lips to God's ear."

    The history of humanity's interaction with angels is ancient and exists in virtually every culture. Each angel has a responsibility, and if you want to call on an angel for assistance, the more specific you can be the better results you will achieve.

    Unfortunately, this can require a tremendous amount of research. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of books describing anywhere from one to many angels. Luckily, there is someone who has done all of this research for you. Richard Webster, one of the most respected and prolific authors on angels, has assembled information on well over five hundred angels and placed all of this information in a
    new book, Encyclopedia of Angels.

    Richard Webster and the Angels

    Chances are you already know Richard Webster. His delightful, personal, and easy-to-understand books have been read all over the world by tens of thousands of thankful people. His popular style has introduced many people to spiritual concepts, and his books on archangels and angel guardians are beloved. In Encyclopedia of Angels, he has brought all of his writing ability and knowledge of angels into a dynamic whole that is fascinating, fun to read, and incredibly useful.

    Using resources from Christian, Jewish, Gnostic, Buddhist, Zoroastrian, and Islamic traditions, he literally covers all the angels from A (Abadon and Azzah) to Z (Za'amiel and Zuriel). For each angel, you'll learn their known traits, ranking, and specialties.

    Bring Angels Into Your Life

    Just knowing about the angels and what they can do isn't enough. You also need to know how to bring their powerful spiritual energies into your life. To make this easy,
    Encyclopedia of Angels includes an appendix with four different invocations you can use. They can easily be adapted to call any of the angels into your life for the help you need:

     Amasras will help gardeners and farmers
     Mihael (not the same as Michael) brings loyalty and faithfulness
     Geliel helps cure illnesses
     Nemamiah helps you seek justice
     Rubiel brings luck to gamblers
     Yehudiah brings comfort to those who mourn

    Because some of these names are unusual, Webster includes a pronunciation guide so when you call on them you will do so correctly.

    Besides the enormous amount of information in this book, Webster's style is a vital and important feature. His friendliness draws you in, encouraging you to learn more and more about all of the angels. As a result, rather than merely being yet another collection of information, Encyclopedia of Angels describes the angels in a way that you can actually use. You'll make lists of your favorite angels and use the cross-references to find exactly the angel you need for any purpose.

    There has been a resurgence of interest in angels in the past seventy years. Even people on spiritual paths that are typically not associated with angels have made room for the angels in their lives. All over the world there are workshops, lectures,
    books, classes, magazines, movies, and TV shows that are related to angels.

    The angels are here for you! Don't be left out of their loving care. Find out how to communicate with them and get their blessings. Find out which one is your guardian angel based on your astrological sign. Find out what you've been missing and make use of their gifts and open arms. You will find all this information and more when you get Encyclopedia of Angels.

    Trade Paperback | English  |  264 pages | 6 x 9 x 1 IN