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  • Dravite Natural Gemstone


    Keywords: Purification, Protection

    Chakra: Root, Heart

    Birthstone: October

    Element: Earth, Storm

    Zodiac Signs: Libra, Aries

    Number: 2, 9

    Chemical Formula: NaMg3Al6Si6O18(BO3)3(OH)3(OH)

    Dravite Crystal Healing Properties

    Dravite, also known as Brown Tourmaline, is a very strong grounding stone that raises one’s stamina, life force, and protective energies. Our root and heart chakras become open and active when working with or carrying Dravite daily. As your heart begins to open, this stone shows that it's okay to allow such feelings and emotions to flow freely throughout your body. This stone is here to calm and soothe your mind so that you may think and act with a level head. Dravite urges us to fully root down into the physical plane with an open heart that is eager to love, yet always protected. Known to help in the immersion of nutrients from the food that you are eating, Dravite is a wonderful tool to help ease the effects of irritable bowel syndrome, Chron’s disease, as well as other intestinal tract problems.

    Dravite works specifically with the heart chakra to provide self-healing and rejuvenating energies. By opening up your heart and allowing pain and grief to be faced, only then will one be able to truly move forward on the road to recovery. This stone is here to help you face those emotions with an abundance of love and protective energies.

    History and Geological Description

    Dravite, also known as Brown Tourmaline, is a sodium magnesium member of the Tourmaline family. The origin of the name comes from the Drava River area in common day Slovenia, in which the stone was first reported back in 1884. Gustav Tschermak, who was a professor of Mineralogy and Petrography at the University of Vienna, coined the term “Dravite”. Its color ranges from dark brown to a light brown-yellow with semi-translucent crystals almost resembling Smoky Quartz. The best, and presumably rarest Dravite specimens come from the mines located in Yinnietharra, Australia. Other localities include mainly Brazil, Mexico, and Canada.

    Crystal Pairings 
    Combining Dravite and Rose Quartz in meditation will enhance the rejuvenating and healing energies on one's heart. This combination provides emotional healing and gentle release of all bound-up stress within. Trying placing the Rose Quartz over your heart when meditating to feel its vibrations even more. By combining Moldavite with Dravite, one will begin a very transformative experience. Moldavite has been known as one of the strongest heart stones and is a perfect ally when trying to open up and heal. Dravite and Moldavite together can create a barrier over one's aura to provide protection as you heal and grow.

    Affirmation:  When I am grounded, I feel protected and safe.