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  • Devils Shoestring whole 1oz

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    Devil's Shoestring Whole 1 oz - Powerful Protection & Luck Herb

    Unleash the Protection & Potency of Devil's Shoestring

    Devil's Shoestring, a powerful herb from the Lily family, boasts a rich history in Voodoo, Hoodoo, and various magical practices.

    This 1 oz bag of whole Devil's Shoestring leaves offers a wealth of benefits:

    • Protection: Shield yourself from negativity, curses, and evil spirits.
    • Luck: Enhance your fortunes in gambling, employment, and endeavors.
    • Strength & Courage: Tap into inner power and face challenges with bravery.

    Deeply Rooted in Tradition:

    • Folk Names: Devil's Shoestring
    • Gender: Masculine
    • Planet: Mars
    • Element: Fire
    • Powers: Protection, Luck, Courage, Strength

    Enhance Your Spellwork & Rituals:

    Devil's Shoestring's versatility makes it a valuable addition to your magical toolkit. Use it in:

    • Protective amulets & charms
    • Mojo bags
    • Spellcasting & rituals
    • Herbal teas (for experienced users only - consult a herbalist)

    Unleash the power of Devil's Shoestring today!