Develop Your Medical Intuition By: Sherrie Dillard

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Develop Your Medical Intuition Activate Your Natural Wisdom for Optimum Health and Well-Being  By: Sherrie Dillard

The wise inner voice of our spirit is always communicating with us through our intuition...if only we can learn to listen. Develop Your Medical Intuition shows you how to improve your health with easy step-by-step exercises, guided visualizations, case studies, and practical advice from author Sherrie Dillard's twenty-five-year career as a professional medical intuitive.

Thoughts, emotions, attitudes, and beliefs play an important role in our ability to heal. This book provides everything you need to know to repair, remedy, and enhance your health, including:

  • Quizzes to determine your medical intuitive type and assess your energy health
  • Four main medical intuitive types: mental, emotional, physical, spiritual
  • Five basic medical intuitive skills: clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, claircognizance, and vibrational sensitivity

Developing your intuitive ability will help you make informed health care decisions and gain first-hand experience of the vast cosmic network of love and wisdom that supports mind, body and spirit wellness.

Paperback | English | 312 pages | 6 x 9 x 1 IN