CLEARANCE!! Chakra engraved Hot Stones!

Made of pure Basalt and deeply engraved, these stones are approximately 3" by 2.5" in size. Stones are without oil in the photo above to show the high quality of basalt.
To receive the maximum benefit from chakra therapy, I have created these hot basalt stones. They have been made to be placed under the body (front or back) as to not be intrusive or uncomfortable. I chose to engrave these hot stones for the purpose of application of heat, to open the chakra with the appropriate symbol and then applying the correlating essential oil for that particular chakra directly to that stone. Each stone will have a corresponding oil and unique to that chakras purpose (oils not included, please see chakra oils in this section).
We are clearing out previously manufactured stones some symbols may be off center. As chakras have the vortex cone from the front and back of the body, I wanted to cover all of these aspects into the massage process. Using the symbol, heat and essential oil aromatherapy helps open the chakra on one side of the body while the use of the colored therapy stones can be used on the other side of the body to complete the balance perfectly.