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Choosing to Be a Medium By: Sharon Farber

Choosing to Be a Medium By: Sharon Farber

  • $ 17.99

 Choosing to Be a Medium Experience & Share the Healing Wonder of Spirit Communication By: Sharon Farber

Discover How to Become a Medium When You're Not Born That Way . . . Or Are You?

Experience the wonder of spirit communication first hand—even if you don't think you were born a medium. Sharon Farber shares her amazing story of becoming a medium through study, not birthright, and she reveals how you can become one, too.

This easy-to-use, empowering book provides everything needed to lay your foundation for connecting with loved ones in spirit. Build your skills through practical techniques and hands-on exercises. Explore the different types of mediumship, what it is and isn't, and its roots in Spiritualism. Learn how to gather information from those you connect with in spirit and how to overcome common fears and challenges.

Featuring insights from Q & A sessions with various mediums, along with many ways to enhance your abilities—including setting intentions, raising your vibration, trance work, meditation, and grounding—Choosing to Be a Medium demonstrates that anyone can connect with spirits on the other side.

English  |  264 pages | 6 x 9 x 1 IN

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