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    Buckeyes Whole 1oz: Talismans for Luck and Prosperity

    Uncover the Magic of Buckeyes: Buckeyes, the seeds of the Aesculus tree, are more than just a close relative of the Horse Chestnut. For centuries, they've been cherished for their symbolic power and potential to bring good fortune.

    Folklore & Symbolism:

    • Folk Names: Horse chestnut, Conker
    • Gender: Masculine, associated with strength and protection.
    • Planet: Jupiter, the planet of luck and abundance.
    • Deities: Fortuna (Roman), Freyja (Norse), associated with luck and prosperity.
    • Element: Earth, representing grounding and stability.
    • Powers: Wealth, wisdom, gambling luck, protection, abundance.

    Traditional Uses:

    • Lucky Charms: Carried in pockets or incorporated into amulets for good luck and fortune.
    • Gambling Totems: Used as charms by gamblers to tip the odds in their favor.
    • Protective Talismans: Believed to offer protection from negativity and misfortune.

    Quality & Convenience:

    • 1oz Whole Buckeyes: Our package provides whole buckeyes for crafting your own talismans or using them in rituals.
    • Natural Beauty: Each buckeye boasts a unique, smooth, and shiny surface with a light brown color and distinctive shape.
    • Long-lasting Potency: Store in a sealed container at room temperature, out of direct sunlight and away from humidity.

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