Blue Kyanite Tumbled Gemstone

Kyanite Crystal Properties

Kyanite inspires loyalty and fair treatment of others. It assists in working through disagreements and disputes and can aid in repairing damaged relationships. It is beneficial in negotiations, diplomatic missions, arbitration, and other forms of communication between disharmonious people, allowing disparate energies to move into resonance and find a common frequency.

  • Keywords: Inner bridges, psychic ability, connecting with Nature, past-life recall, telepathy, empathy
  • Chakras: All, especially the third eye & heart
  • Element: Storm
  • Zodiac Signs: Aries, Libra, Pisces, Taurus
  • Number: 4

Kyanite Crystal Healing Properties:
Kyanite is a stone of connection, building bridges of light between disparate aspects of experience. This bridging is healing for blockages in the energetic field, emotional blocks between people, and energy gaps caused by physical trauma. Kyanite will help you forge your own unique path, strengthening intuition, bringing together skills and knowledge, and cutting through uncertainty. It enhances telepathy, lucid dreaming, astral travel, psychic ability, and energy transfer. It is believed to assist in creating new neural pathways around damaged areas of the brain.

Kyanite History and Uses:
Kyanite derives its name from the Greek word kuanos meaning deep blue and used to be named Disthene meaning two strengths, referring to the different hardness of the perpendicular axes of each blade. Blue, black, green, and orange Kyanite are used for metaphysical purposes but they can be found in a range of colors including pink, white, yellow, and grey.  Kyanite has heat-resistant applications in the industrial world and has been used in the porcelain of dentistry and bathroom ware, as brake pads and grinding discs, and in kiln bricks.

Kyanite Geological Description:
Kyanite is an aluminum silicate mineral with a hardness of 4.5 alongits crystal axes and 6 to 7 across its axes. It forms elongated, blade-like crystals. Kyanite occurs in Brazil, South Africa, Switzerland, Burma, Kenya, Mexico, and the USA

Affirmation:  I stand straight and I look high.

The price is for one (1) tumbled stone

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