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  • Black Obsidian Arrowhead


    Unleash the Power of Protection with this Black Obsidian Arrowhead

    Embrace the grounding energy and protective qualities of this Black Obsidian Arrowhead.

    This captivating stone tool is perfect for those seeking:

    • Psychic Protection: Black Obsidian is renowned for shielding you from negative energy and psychic attacks.
    • Emotional Grounding: Its grounding energy can help you stay centered and balanced, even during challenging times.
    • Spiritual Cleansing: Black Obsidian is believed to cleanse your aura of negativity and promote a sense of inner peace.
    • Enhanced Intuition & Communication: This crystal is associated with increased psychic abilities and deeper spiritual connection.

    Black Obsidian Arrowhead Features:

    • Genuine, ethically sourced black obsidian
    • Sharp arrowhead point
    • Size: Perfect for holding during meditation or carrying with you throughout the day.

    Black Obsidian resonates with the following:

    • Root Chakra: Associated with grounding and stability, Black Obsidian can help you feel secure and connected to the earth.
    • Element of Earth: Earth's energy promotes grounding, security, and manifestation.
    • Zodiac Sign Scorpio: Black Obsidian's intense energy aligns well with Scorpio's passionate and transformative nature.

    Order your Black Obsidian Arrowhead today and experience the protection, grounding, and spiritual connection this powerful stone offers!