Bahia Amethyst Royal Phantom Natural Gemstone

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These Amethyst Elestial Points are from Bahia Brazil, known for their incredible quality and deep purple color. They feature Elestial etchings on the sides and most have crystal phantoms inside of them. 

Amethyst Phantom

Phantom Quartz is a variety of Quartz crystals that over millions of years has undergone the intrusion of variations of trace mineral content or radiation during its growth. These variations cause outlines of the crystal growth to appear within the body of the crystal due to color or clarity variations caused by the variation of trace minerals or radiation. These outlines are the “Phantoms”. The phantom outlines are typically aligned with the outer surfaces of the crystal. Phantoms are found in countries such as Austria, Brazil, Madagascar, Switzerland, Australia, Tibet & the United States.

Metaphysical Properties
A crystal of transformation, they teach us how to move on to the next level. Points the soul in the best direction for growth & enlightenment. Phantoms show us the cycles of life & show the need for the old to die to give life to the new. They facilitate broader spiritual awareness & smooth all periods of transition creating effortless movement between stages of growth. Allows for assimilation of past lessons & reveals the strength within one's spiritual core, turning old wounds into new beauty.

Enhances meditation & releases ingrained patterns. Shifts perception of self, unveiling ones eternal truth & opening the internal light source. Phantoms teach us how to turn toxic environments into joyful opportunities. They deflect negative energy & protect their human friends. Phantoms have the ability to activate all chakras.

Photographs are just examples! We will intuitively pick a point just for you.