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    Angelica Root Cut 1oz (Angelica archangelica): Guardian Angel of the Herb Garden

    Angelica Root (Angelica archangelica), also known by its folk names like Holy Ghost Root and Angelica (referencing its angelic associations), boasts a rich history of medicinal and magical uses. Native to Europe, this aromatic root has been a revered guardian for centuries.

    A Legacy of Healing & Protection:

    • Folk Names: Angelica is also known as Holy Ghost Root, Angelica (referencing its angelic associations), Garden Angelica, and Wild Celery.
    • Historical Hero: During the Middle Ages, Angelica Root was believed to be a powerful antidote to illness, earning its place as a cherished medicinal herb.

    Sweet Protection & Magical Might:

    • Warming Aroma: Angelica Root boasts a delightfully sweet, warm scent with a hint of licorice, thanks to its high concentration of exaltolide oil.
    • Folklore & Symbolism:
      • Gender: Traditionally associated with the masculine due to its protective and stimulating properties.
      • Planet: Linked to Jupiter, the planet of growth, protection, and banishing negativity.
      • Deities: In some cultures, associated with benevolent deities and archangels.
      • Element: Air, reflecting its purifying and cleansing properties.
      • Powers: Protection, healing, purification, psychic development, courage, dispelling negativity, breaking curses.

    Magical Applications:

    • Angelic Ally: Employed in rituals for protection, purification, dispelling negativity, and breaking unwanted energetic ties.
    • Healing Helper: Used in spells for promoting overall well-being and fostering courage to face inner or outer challenges.

    Quality & Convenience:

    • Cut Form: Our 1oz package provides easy-to-use loose root for brewing teas, crafting protective amulets, or burning as incense.
    • Sweet & Warm Scent: Enjoy the delightful warming aroma of Angelica Root.
    • Long-lasting Potency: Store in a cool, dark place in a sealed container to preserve its quality.

    Embrace the protective and healing power of Angelica Root! Add it to your herbal collection today.