Amethyst Gemstone Dice Engraved Gaming Set

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Amethyst Gemstone Dice Gaming Set

Amethyst is a stone of peace.  It is believed to calm the mind, allowing one to find inner peace.  It is also used to enhance intuition, balance emotions, and inspire spirituality.

Traverse through all your campaigns and scourges as you bring life to each character and add to their skills and strengths. Made with rare stones and possessing more power than regular weapons and tools, your character will soar through any conquest whether it's villainous orcs or evil monsters.

Gemstone dice are fragile, so we recommend that you can roll them on something with a soft surface like a soft wool felt dice tray to prevent possible chipping or breaking.

Engraved in Gold

Size of each die:
D4 = 16 mm
D6 = 16 mm
D8 = 16 mm
D10 = 16 mm
D% = 16 mm
D12 = 18 mm
D20 = 18 mm