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    Silver Plated Altar Bell - Many Designs Available!

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    Enchant Your Practice with a Silver Plated Altar Bell

    Elevate your rituals and awaken your senses with our beautiful silver plated altar bell. Measuring 2 1/2" x 1 3/4", this exquisite bell is perfect for calling upon spirits, clearing energy, or simply adding a touch of auditory magic to your practice.

    Choose from a Variety of Symbolic Designs:

    • Tree of Life: representing interconnection and the cycle of life
    • Triple Moon: honoring the maiden, mother, and crone aspects of the divine feminine
    • Goddess of the Earth: reverence for the nurturing and life-giving power of the earth
    • Om: a sacred symbol representing the universe and the wholeness of existence
    • Plain: a simple and elegant option for any practice
    • Triquetra: a powerful symbol representing the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit
    • Pentacle: a protective symbol used for grounding and centering energy

    Made with high-quality materials and a clear, ringing sound, this altar bell is a treasured addition to any spiritual space.