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Mortar & Pestles

Mortar & Pestles
Mortar and Pestles are an almost indispensable aid to your Herbal work. Use your Mortarand Pestle for grinding and blending your Herbs and Resins for Amulets, Powders, Incense, Brews, Poppets, Inks and much more.
You will find Herbs frequently playing a large part in Magick, Ritual and/or Ceremony. Herbs may be thought of as one our Earth's gifts to us; Helpers to Discovering and Achieving our Magickal Connections.
Knowing your Herbs and their Universal Powers helps us understand that each plant has a Sacred Spirit and a Unique Energy for us to nurture, capture and unleash. Imagine the Powerful Magicks you can create with these ancient and powerful symbols to guide you!

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