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  • October is a significant time of year where the world is in an in-between state, hovering between the light of Summer and the dark of Winter, the veil between worlds thinning as the season comes to its finale on the final evening of the month. What is the veil and how can we interact or protect ourselves from it?

    The Veil

    We all kind of know what it is, we have heard of the veil in one form or another, but most importantly is that it can be felt. It can be felt in the air, the tug between the warmth of lively day and the biting cold of deadly night. As autumn takes the lead we live in a space between two opposite forces, the balance of the world tilting in the favor of the dark and unknown allows each side a better view of the other.

    An old and common axiom is that the veil should be thought of as a curtain. Picture a thick velvet stage curtain blocking your sight of the backstage of a play. You surely know that there is more beyond the curtain, but it is too thick, too heavy, to possibly know exactly what is there. It helps that we know on some level we are not meant to understand exactly what is behind that curtain, why focus on the backdrop when the stage is already so captivating?  

     But what about the dull parts of the play when you become distracted? Or when your eyes are too sharp, your hearing too keen and you catch something peculiar about the way that curtain falls. Perhaps a stage hand might jostle it, and from the crowd you see the veil shift, not much, but enough to know that there is something back there. This is the veil as we know it, a malleable and shifting barrier that separates the world of the Known from the Unknown. What does that mean? Well, we can reference it in a lot of different ways, physical versus spiritual, light versus dark, or life versus death but what is important to remember is that both sides are in an ever-evolving balance and their core aspects can be found on both sides. Life cannot exist without death and the spirit is anchored by the physical. The veil is a curtain, not a wall.

    Why are we so focused on the thinning of the veil? As people, we are curious and to those who are already sensitive to the spiritual and unknown, the sheerness of the stage’s backdrop can be eerie and inviting. There are ways to enhance your perceptions and take an even closer look. But, be aware, the veil goes both ways and the spirits of the otherside can reach out too. If you plan to take a closer look, be sure to know your protection options as well. 

    How to Enhance Your Perceptions

    Death is always real and near to the living world, but never so much as October when the earth makes ready to relinquish summer in lieu of winter’s reign. It is this transition and prolonged state of flux that thins the veil, tipping the scales of balance to soak both in the physical and spiritual until the barrier between the two is thin enough to peer through. You may already be sensitive and open, but if you’d like to enhance your spiritual communication skills try working with these stones.

    Lapis Lazuli - Third Eye Awakening

    The greatest of your Third Eye Stones, Lapis Lazuli is a longstanding tool that was harnessed by the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt and can awaken the inner royalty in its wielder. What does it mean to open your Third Eye? Often visualized as an eye in the center of the forehead, this energy point is the key to becoming open to enlightenment. An opened Third Eye means that you can see the unseen, reveal hidden truths, and is often the catalyst to revealing hidden talents such as psychic abilities, clairvoyance, and skills in mediumship. 

    As your strongest connection to the Third Eye, Lapis deepens meditations, enhances telepathy, opens lines to spiritual guidance, and facilitates visionary awareness, allowing you to receive answer and communication with the spirit realm in your mind as images rather than just words. If you seek answers from beyond the veil, hold lapis on your person and meditate with it to enhance the effects.

    Angelite - Angel Communication

    Quite literally named for its properties, Angelite will fuel any questions you have for the angelic and divine. The realms beyond the veil are not just death and spirits, but are just as varied as our physical realm. The higher planes exist in the beyond as well and the friendly spirits such as guardian angels or guides. Carry Angelite on your person to give these entities a focal point to find you more easily, allowing for clearer messages and guidance. 

    Additionally, working with this stone will help develop other talents such as clairvoyance, spiritual healing, and receiving visions through dreaming. With its calming energy, Angelite is a great stone for those new to the spiritual or anyone who’d prefer a gentler awakening.

    Mystic Merlinite - Spirit Communication

    Our best contender to pierce the veil and open lines of communication with spirits of all sorts on the other side is Mystic Merlinite. Magical and powerful, Merlinite aids in clear and piercing sight. It will allow the owner to harness Merlinite’s connection to all elements and use those energies for magical manifestation. The strength of this stone will open you to the spiritual realm but will also reveal to you knowledge of your truest self. Merlinite will reveal all, what is beyond and what is within. Best effects found when used in meditation.

    How to Protect Yourself

    Perhaps you are already open to the unknown, spirits call to you, or you’ve peered closely before and aren’t ready for another look. As with anything in life, safety is key. 

    Black Obsidian - Protection from Negativity

    Your best friend for protection against the thinning veil is Black Obsidian. Keep this on your person and in a piece in any problem areas of your space, such as where you sleep or work. With properties that focus on psychic protection and cleansing negativity, you can feel safe and in control of any communications you receive while the veil is so sheer. Black obsidian, being one of the best stones for scrying, is still an excellent tool for spirit communication, so if you’d still like to reach out but want to do so while being more grounded and in control, then this is the stone for you.

    Amethyst - Psychic Purification

    The constant classic of the crystal world, Amethyst is a tool any practitioner, dabbler, expert, or amateur should possess. Whether used as a mediation aid or as a protective talisman you cannot go wrong with Amethyst. This stone will clear and open the third eye while also providing that needed psychic protection. Stay safe without blocking or inhibiting your abilities. Amethyst is great during times of a thinned veil as it not only protects but purifies. Wearing this stone is often referred to feeling as if the holder is surrounded by a bubble of light.

    Prehnite - The Emotional Soap

    Spirits aren’t the only thing that can make the world overwhelming to the sensitive while the veil is so thin, our intuitive and empathic abilities can be even stronger. Empaths can pull in the emotions of others and have a tendency to hold onto all the negativity they feel in others. Prehnite, known as the emotional soap, should be a go-to for any empath. This stone will cleanse the aura and release emotional debris, cleaning out all the excess negativity and emotions weighing them down. Prehnite will also allow the holder to identify and embrace more positive patterns without judgment or pressure.

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    Great article! I am getting these stones in my cart right now..please keep the blogs coming!

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