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  • It’s that special time of year again where you’re faced with new opportunities and a syllabus of goals. Face the challenges of the new school year with your best foot forward and these great stones to ensure success!

    Fluorite - The Study Guide Companion 

    Known for its properties of focus and stability, Fluorite should be one of your most well worn stones this coming school year. Not only will this beautiful stone keep your mind sharp but, it will help keep your emotions balanced as you encounter each new trial. 

    Black Tourmaline - The Ultimate Protection Stone

    With properties of protection and purification, there are few stones that can rival black tourmaline for ultimate protection. This powerful stone will keep you grounded, calm, and guarded against the negative energies of those around you while also transmuting these energies into positivity. 

    Citrine - The Great Manifestor

    ✨Manifest it✨ And make your dreams a reality! Citrine is a stone of high mental clarity and a great aid in creation work. Want to make sure a project comes out exactly right or you get into those exclusive courses you’ve always wanted to try? Use this sweet honey colored stone to focus your goals and bring them into your life as you envision them. 

    Aquamarine - The Speech Aid

    Calming and cooling like its namesake, this stone enhances mental acuity while aiding the owner in clear communication. Whether you’re worried about that public speaking course or just introducing yourself to new classmates, aquamarine will soothe away the stress and help ensure you speak with cool confidence. 

    Tiger Iron - Physical Energy Booster

    Hours of testing your mental and social skills can be exhausting. Be sure to support your body as well as your mind and grab some tiger iron. Known for displaying beautiful silky chatoyancy and the golden gleam like a tiger’s eye, this stone will keep you grounded while providing strength and stamina. 

    Blue Kyanite - Path Opener

    A builder of bridges and clearer of blockages, blue kyanite helps the wielder cut through a clouded mind and indecision. Also excellent for recognizing your own intuition and selecting paths that help progress your life in a helpful direction. This shimmering blue stone pairs wonderfully with the decision making power of fluorite. 

    Rhodonite - Self Worth Helper

    Ranging from a scale of deep to light pink with threads of black, Rhodonite is the stone of self love, self worth, and developing hidden talents. Everyday comes with new choices and decisions, don’t doubt yourself! Keep this on you to keep a calm steady confidence and be open to the amazing talents hiding within you. 

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