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Aquamarine Tumbled Single Gemstone - Cast a Stone

Aquamarine Tumbled Gemstone

  • $ 4.50

Keywords: Cooling, soothing, enhancement of clear communication.
Chakras: Throat, heart
Element: Water
Birthstone: March

Zodiac Signs: Gemini, Pisces, Aries, Scorpio

Number: 1

Aquamarine Crystal Healing Properties:

Aquamarine is one of the strongest stones for clearing and activating the throat chakra. It assists one in speaking one’s deepest and most heartfelt truth, soothes excessive fiery energies and can help with communication in difficult situations. Aquamarine is a stone of release. It allows us to free our-self of attachments and old patterns, and to let go of the past. It is very useful in moving through grief.

Aquamarine is a cooling stone and is thought to assist with infections and inflammation of all types. Aquamarine is a stone of courage and fortitude that can bring great power. It assists with quick intellectual response. It brings inner peace and self-love, gives shielding for the aura, and is said to bring angels for their guidance and protection. It is an excellent crystal for meditation. Aquamarine is used to dispel anger and fear. It is also used psychically to do past life recall and work. It is also said to be a wonderful good luck stone.

Aquamarine History and Uses:
The bluish green colored Aquamarine derives its name from the Latin words “aqua marinus” meaning water of the sea which is in reference to it’s colour and clarity. It was first used in ancient Greece between 300 and 500BC and has been carried by sailors throughout history to ensure safe travel and protect against drowning. It was used by seers as a stone of prophecy and it’s energetic influence was thought to ensure that truths and wisdom were imparted with clarity and compassion.

Aquamarine Geological Description:
Aquamarine is a variety of Beryl, a beryllium aluminium silicate mineral with a hardness of 7.5 to 8. Its crystal system is hexagonal and its pigment is iron. Aquamarine is found in Brazil, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Australia, Africa and the USA.

Affirmation: I embody the yielding, cooling power of water, and I express my truth with calm certainty

Price is for one (1) tumbled stone.
All stones are subject to size, coloring & weight. These are all real crystals & semi-precious gemstones. Each gemstone has it's own unique personality, energy and vibration, where no two stones are alike so please allow for variation. Stones choices vary and are not always the same as the photo. If you have specific questions or concerns, always inquire, we will be glad to search for that particular item you are interested in.

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