Strega White Bone Spirit Blade finished in gloss black - double sided engraved Athame

Strega White Bone Spirit Blade (finished in gloss black) DOUBLE SIDE engraving
Handcarved Bone Dagger measuring 9" long with the sigils of Stregheria upon it finished in Gloss Black.

The word "Stregheria" in Italian means "Witchcraft". Also, in Italian there are a few ways to say the word "Witch", they are: "Strega" which means a female Witch and "Stregone" means a male Witch.

Fashioned in the traditional manner, (most did not fashion out metal for lack of material) the first side of the blade has the symbol for Opening the Portal and the opposing side carries the symbol for the Great Spirits of the Moon. These are powerful symbols and guide you in your most precious connection with the Mythos.

Known as the Athame, or Dagger in the Wiccan tradition, the Spirit Blade is one of the most common tools for the Streghe. This tool is used for manipulating power. It is used for directing energy into the Astral plane for works of Magick. It is also used in erecting the circle. The Spirit Blade is used in conjunction with the Spirit Bowl for drawing the Spirit Flame, and the essence of the Deity into the ritual circle.