Strega Spirit Flame Bowl - Engraved in silver leaf Symbol of Aradia offering dish

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Handcarved Black Stone Strega 3" inch opening Offering Bowl with the sigil of Aradia upon it.

The word "Stregheria" in Italian means "Witchcraft". Also, in Italian there are a few ways to say the word "Witch", they are: "Strega" which means a female Witch and "Stregone" means a male Witch.

This symbol comes from an old drawing and can be found in Raven Grimassi's Book "Ways of the Strega". A special thanks to Raven who is generous enough to allow me to use this symbol in my designs.

All that the Strega's do with their Magick is drawn from the Spirit Flame. Aradia taught that the fire came from Divinity, a symbol of the Old Ways teaching and considered it the most powerful tool they could possess.

The flame is for ceremonial offerings. fill the bowl with a flamable liquid (or some cases sterno), light it and watch as the beautiful flame dances across the bowl. This flame is sacred and is used to create sacred space, charge our tools and bless objects.