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  • Lilac Lepidolite Reiki Stones Set of 4 Crystals Engraved with Symbols

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    Embrace Tranquility with Personal Size Lilac Lepidolite Reiki Stones©

    Discover the soothing power of our Personal Size Lilac Lepidolite Reiki Stones© - The Original Reiki Symbol Stones! Immerse yourself in the calming energies of Lilac Lepidolite, and let it guide you towards a more peaceful and centered existence.

    Lilac Lepidolite: Your Path to Inner Serenity

    Lilac Lepidolite, the heart of our Reiki Stones, is a gentle yet powerful force for promoting tranquility and peace. This gemstone specializes in dissolving stress and anxiety, offering you a sense of inner calm. It serves as a protective and purifying stone, grounding you and recentering your energies. In addition to these benefits, it's your ally on the journey to inner peace, fostering creativity and stimulating your intellect.

    Elegance in Every Engraving: Hand-Painted Gold Leaf Symbols

    Our exquisite Lilac Lepidolite Reiki Stones are more than just energy enhancers; they are artistic marvels. Each stone is carefully engraved and adorned with hand-painted gold leaf symbols, adding a touch of elegance to your spiritual practice. Sized between 1-1.5 inches (4-5 cm), they come with a convenient carrying bag for safekeeping.

    Symbols that Transcend Language

    Symbolism is the universal language of the soul. While words may vary, symbols speak to all. The union of metaphysical gemstone properties with potent Reiki symbols creates a harmonious balance and elevates vibrations. This synergy has the power to heal not only individuals but also the world and its creatures.

    Versatile and Healing

    Our Reiki Stone sets offer versatility in healing. They are designed to lay flat on the body, making them ideal for chakra work. Using the right stone for each chakra amplifies their healing and balancing abilities. You can also gently heat them for a hot stone massage experience. These sets serve as exceptional teaching tools and are invaluable for targeted energy work. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or a Reiki master, these stones are your companions in your spiritual journey.

    Please note that each set is unique in size, color, and weight. Since they are crafted from real Lilac Lepidolite crystals and semi-precious gemstones, each set possesses its own distinct personality and energy. Embrace the variations and uniqueness they bring to your practice. If you have specific questions or concerns, our team is always ready to assist you in finding the perfect set for your needs.

    Crafted and Blessed by a Real Reiki Master.

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