Fancy Rough Rose Quartz Pendulum

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Fancy Rough Rose Quartz Pendulum

Rose Quartz is a popular crystal that serves the positive energy of love, compassion, peace, healing, and comfort. Speaking directly to the heart chakra, the stone circulates divine loving energy throughout one's entire aura, allowing a full capacity to give and receive love truly. 

Love is a hugely important, if not THE most important aspect of our lives. If you’re struggling to feel loved, be loving, or simply maintain a vibration of love, every other aspect of your life will be off-balance.

What are Pendulums?

Pendulums are used for dowsing (divining) purposes such as finding answers to questions, locating objects, diagnosing medical afflictions, and other holistic modalities. A pendulum is usually accurate, easy to use, and takes little time.

  • The approximate size of the point: 1" - 1.5"
  • The approximate length of the chain: 7.5"
  • Country of origin: India.