Velvet Pendulum Mat

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This Black Velvet embroidered pendulum mat is used as a divination tool with your pendulum. By asking your pendulum questions, it will swing towards the answers on the mat. Your pendulum and mat are tools used to amplify answers by connecting to the unconscious mind. 

Pendulum dowsing is an ancient practice that was used by many countries and cultures, including China and the Middle East. In Greece, Pythia, the Oracle of Delphi used a pendulum to answer the questions posed by her clients, including kings and queens.

A dowsing pendulum is a form of divination and is used as a way of gaining insight. The pendulum will pick up on and absorb energies that surround you and accesses the collective consciousness of the Universe.

 Your pendulum is simply a tool used to amplify answers so that you may see your true path more easily by connecting yourself to the unconscious mind. Ask the pendulum questions and divine the answers through the movement of the pendulum.  

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