Moose pendant- symbol of Pride, Life, and Strength - engraved Sea Glass Jewelry - choose your color

Light Aqua
Sky Blue
Royal Blue

The moose is a symbol of pride, life, and strength. In nature, the Moose despite its large size is able to move around quickly and almost silently. It is a solitary creature that moves with grace and confidence. People with the moose totem have an instinctive sense of balance. They know when to use kindness and strength. Moose people are also wise beyond their years. Moose teach us how to honor ourselves and reward ourselves when we have worked hard.

This design is deeply engraved into a beautiful piece of frosted sea glass. Every piece is different and one of a kind so please allow for variation. The pendant size is approximately 2" x 1.5" inches.

This pendant sits on a 16-inch adjustable cotton cord.  If you would like a sterling silver chain, please follow this product link for sizes and availability!  

Custom orders are always welcome. Please note the colors such as White, Seafoam, and Pale Yellow are very light and engravings will be subtle. Saffron has a slight milky swirl that doesn't show up well in the photo.