Lodestone (Magnetite) Natural Gemstone

Keywords:Alignment of subtle energies with the body, grounding, balancing polarities, awakening hidden potentials
Lodestone can align the chakras, and balance yin/yang energies. It is used to lessen or dispel grief, fear, anger, confusion, and attachment. It helpsrelieve burdens and increase energy and endurance. Lodestone has a receptive, attracting energy thatattracts power, as well as good fortune, and love. It also guards against infidelity. Lodestone is used for its power of attraction. Lodestone is excellent for grounding and protection.
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All stones are subject to size, coloring & weight. These are all real crystals & semi-precious gemstones. Each gemstone has it's own unique personality, energy and vibration, where no two stones are alike so please allow for variation. Stones choices vary and are not always the same as the photo. If you have specific questions or concerns, always inquire, we will be glad to search for that particular item you are interested in.