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Deluxe Home Cleansing Kit

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Cast a Stone Deluxe Home Cleansing Kit

Our homes can be our sanctuaries, helping us to feel safe and grounded in our world.  There are times, however, when the energy in our homes can feel stuck or stagnant. The energy of various emotions can linger, especially if we tend to leave the windows closed, and have clutter or ongoing stressors, frustrations, or grief. 

Every one of us has the ability to cleanse and bless our own living spaces, workspaces, and favorite hangouts.  This deluxe home blessing kit helps you do just that!

Kit Includes:

  • Floral Smudge Stick
  • Selenite Stick
  • Palo Santo
  • Rose Quartz
  • Black Tourmaline
  • Abalone Shell
  • Wooden Shell Stand
  • Turkey Feather

How to Use:

Light an end of the smudge stick to cleanse the air with the sage, bring in love with the wrapped roses, and let the lavender clear away stress. The Palo Santo can be lit the same way to target negative energies! These can both be held in the Abalone Shell to prevent falling ash while using the feather to waft the smoke into the corners and seams of your home.

Black Tourmaline has been included as your ultimate protection stone; keep this by your window or bedside. The Rose Quartz is a stone of unconditional love and provides the protection that love brings. Selenite is a stone of cleansing and can clear your stones or be kept above a doorway as a cleansing curtain. These can all be kept about the home or stored in the abalone shell.

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