Charon Ferryman of the Underworld Statue w/ LED Lantern

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Charon, Ferryman of the Greek Underworld Statue with LED Lantern

Induce some ghostly ghoulishness to your decor with this Charon Statue with LED Lantern. According to Greek myth, Charon was the ferryman of the River Styx, who carried souls across its murky depths to their afterlife. People used to place a coin in the mouth of a dead person as the fee of the ferryman Charon. This statue depicts a deathly figure, attired in tattered black robes stands on a wooden boat, with an LED lantern lighting the way. The front of the boat is decorated with skulls that give it a gothic appearance. This statue is made of quality polystone and features intricate details.

  • Category: Greek and Roman Mythology
  • Made of Polystone
  • Measures 10.63(L) x 4.53(W) x 9.84(H) Inches